10 Things You Can Organize In 10 Minutes Or Less!

Enjoyed organizing 5 things in five minutes? Try these!

Take 10 minutes per task only. Do one or all ten—it's totally up to you!

Ready? Set your timer… GO!


1.    Find all your loose pens, pencils and markers. Corral them in separate bins, all in one location. Extra points for also finding scissors, tape and glue. Toss out anything that no longer works. Got way too many, but they're still in good shape? Donate them to your office, school, or daycare.

2.    Gather all small games, like playing cards, dice games, card games. If your family has outgrown it, add it to your donate pile. If pieces are missing, toss it. Put all these small games into one bin on the shelf. They'll be less likely to come tumbling down on you the next time you reach for a game!

3.    Find all your note cards and stationery. Remove any stationery that is no longer your style, or no loner in good shape. Keep all the best in a nice box so they'll remain in good shape, and so you can find them when you need them. This is a good place to keep a favorite pen, your return address labels, and some stamps.

4.    This would be a good time to make sure all your family and friend's birthdays are on your digital calendar. Give yourself a reminder at least one week early if you need to allow shipping time.

5.    It's a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change to and from daylight saving time. Didn't do it last time? Do it now!

6.    When was the last time you changed the air filters in your HVAC unit. Set a repeating reminder on your calendar that includes the filter sizes in the notes. Then you'll know what you need when you're at the store..

7.    Go through your plastic containers. Toss anything that is old, smelly, warped, or without a lid. Toss any that you don't regularly use. If you often send guests home with leftovers, save a few, but not more than you would use in the next six months. If you need new containers, add them to your shopping list.

8.    Go through your spices. Check what's close to empty and add to your shopping list. Toss anything that's past it's time. While you're at it, refill your salt and pepper shakers.

9.    Fold and organize your kitchen linens. Keep placemats together near napkins, and dish clothes together near drying towels. Add any old towels to the rag bag, tossing out an equal amount of the oldest rags before they get out of control, too!

10. Deal with the leftovers in your fridge. You won't get a complete clean in 10 minutes, but you can free up space, and in the process figure out what's in there. Deal with anything that needs to be frozen before it spoils .Better still, put that on tonight's menu! Open all those plastic containers to figure out what's really inside. Anything that's funky has to go!