3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fight The Doldrums

Don’t drive your car for too long and belts and wires will degrade. Let bread sit uncovered and it dries out. Leave an email unread and the information goes out of date. Do the same thing over and over, and you’ll become desensitized to it. We all feel a little "stale" from time to time.

So what to do when the doldrums hit?

Your first reaction might be to blame your circumstances. Your boss or your husband or your children who ignore you. Your job is mundane. You don’t have any time for anything else but the rat race you’re already running. This is more than boredom. After a while, you start to feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, but that's not true. 

Here are some gentle paths to feeling better.

  1. Change the sceneryGo take a walk. Pick a route you’ve never taken before. Go somewhere different than usual. Bonus points if there are trees involved. Get revived.

  2. Learn something new. Find your inner dreamer. There’s something you’ve always wanted to know more about and there’s no better time than now. Get curious.

  3. Help somebody else. Works every time. Get your mind off yourself and make a difference for someone else. Never mind what’s in it for you. Get committed.

Each of these things can help you change your perspective. And changing perspective is a great way to fight those doldrums. As with most things, the hardest part is the first step. But here's what I know about you:

You're stronger than you think.

These are things that usually help me.

What works for you? Please share your best ways to jumpstart your mood it in the comments below—