5 Things You Can Organize In 5 Minutes Or Less!

So much to do, and so little time to do it in! We all seem to have these never-ending lists of things to do, but neither the time nor the energy to get them all done.

How about a few quick fixes to get your week going?


Take 5 minutes per task only. I recommend setting a timer. It's interesting how setting a timer gives enough incentive to keep moving.


Ready? Set your timer… GO!


1. Make your bed. A made bed is the fastest way to give a bedroom some organization. It’ll make your bedroom feel more inviting, even if you do nothing else to it.

2. Clear out your collection of coffee cups, travel mugs, and other drink cups. Start with those that are past their prime, or are logo-imprinted from a company you don’t care about. If you haven’t used it in the last six months, chances are you won’t miss it. Let it go. Set these aside in your donation box.

3. Don’t have a donation box? Take 5 minutes to find a bin that will work and a place to put it. Make sure everyone in the household knows what it’s for, which is: for anything that you don’t need, use or love!

4. Now that you have a donation box, cull through your closet looking for clothing to donate. Don’t forget shoes, bags and accessories. Remember—this is a quick 5 minutes to get out anything that’s obviously ready to go. For today's purposes, only grab what you don’t need to think about.

5. Organize a book shelf or two. Weed out any books that you’re done with. If you need a place to start with this, begin with any business or finance books that were written before 2008. It seems that the rules have completely changed since then!


Pick one task for each day this week, or knock ‘em out all at once, it’s up to you. I know you have 5 minutes per day. Why not spend them making your home more livable? Especially if it’s this easy!