50 Things You Won't Miss

Looking for extra space?

Here’s a list of things to get rid of that you’ll never miss!


  1. Dusty potpourri
  2. Kitschy knick-knacks
  3. Picture frames with broken easel backs
  4. Extra key chains
  5. Wedding favors
  6. Past wedding invites
  7. Greeting cards you’ve received that have no sentimental value
  8. Wrinkled wrapping paper and crushed bows
  9. Phone Books
  10. Incomplete decks of playing cards 
  11. Lanyards, name tags, bags from conferences
  12. Cheap pens with dried up ink
  13. Pencil stubs
  14. Remotes that don’t have a use
  15. Accessories to old electronics
  16. CDs that come with computer programs you’re no longer using
  17. Address labels for your old house
  18. Filled coloring books
  19. Umbrellas with bent or broken spokes 
  20. Wire Hangers from the dry cleaner
  21. Broken hangers
  22. Clothing with permanent stains
  23. Shoes you avoid because they’re uncomfortable
  24. Promotional t-shirts you’ll never wear
  25. Old bridesmaid dresses
  26. Orphan mittens and gloves
  27. Orphan socks
  28. Stretched-out bras and underwear
  29. Scarves and hats you never wear
  30. Belts that don’t fit
  31. Worn-Out Hairbrushes
  32. Hairdryer attachments that never get used
  33. Stretched out hair elastics
  34. Dried-up nail polish
  35. Free gifts from cosmetic purchases
  36. Makeup samples you’ll never use
  37. Empty bottles of anything
  38. Dishware that doesn’t stack easily and/or takes up too much room
  39. Excess travel mugs and plastic cups
  40. Excess take-out food condiments and packs of plastic utensils
  41. Expired canned goods
  42. Expired condiments
  43. Expired coupons  
  44. Novelty baking dishes that aren’t used regularly
  45. Take-out menus
  46. Tupperware containers missing their lid
  47. Vases (from floral deliveries) that you’ll never use again
  48. Old, tattered towels and washcloths
  49. Unused Exercise Equipment
  50. VHS workout tapes  


It's time to reclaim your space! How many of these things can you get rid of?