A Bonus Resolution For You

I know. I've just finished telling you to keep your number of resolutions down to only one, or two at most. It’s easier to maintain your focus if you have only one major project at a time.

Still, I've got one more for you. Actually, it’s not a major project at all. It’s a simple, yet highly effective habit to adopt.

Start a gratitude journal.

There’s no goal setting or milestones that you need to track. You can use a fancy book, but something simple is a good choice - a notepad would be plenty. It’s not the book that’s important here, after all, it’s what you write in it.

There are only two rules.

  1. Write every day. Pick a time of day that works for you. A time when you’re not rushed or stressed. Even if you are feeling rushed or stressed, you’re likely to find some relief by doing it anyway.

  1. Write three things that you're most grateful for. The more specific, the better. For example, being grateful for your spouse is good. Being grateful that your spouse made coffee that morning is better.

Even if nothing seemed to go right today, find three things that enriched your life anyway. Had a bad day? How about being grateful for a hot shower, crawling into your comfy bed, and for the dog to keep your feet warm?

I've found that I don’t like repeating the same items very often. This causes me to watch for things to write in my journal. This leads to approaching most days with a positive outlook.

Do this for long enough for it to become a habit. You should see that you’re generally more satisfied with your life. Don't spend as much time dreaming of the happiness you'll have in the future. Instead, start to recognize the best in your life now.

Now is as good a time as any to get started.

What are you grateful for today?