Unleash Your Inner Hero


A willingness to run toward when everyone else is running away.


Digging deep to give whatever might help, even when there’s not much to spare already.


Protecting others who are weak, exhausted, and hurt. Never mind that they don’t look like us or have the same accent as ours. Because they’re alive and they need us.


These are some of the attributes of the American Hero.

Each of us has it within ourselves to be a hero. Americans seem bred to have their best come out during times of disaster: Oklahoma City. 9/11. Harvey. Irma. It’s during these times that we seem to forget the labels we use to describe how we're different, and only recognize each other as people - brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

I am so very sorry that we have a need for days set aside to remember those who were lost. My heart breaks for their families, at the thought of lives, cut short, and what might have been.

Forget the political chaos. Forget the divisive rhetoric that has become the norm. Instead, remember that our natural instincts are to live and work together. Remember that we accomplish more, and get better results, when we work together.

Remember to honor the brave, giving, compassionate people across the country who roll up their sleeves and have only one question, ”How can I help?”

Let’s BE those brave, giving, compassionate people.