There Are Eight Days This Week

I have index cards with ideas for blog articles I will write someday. They're in a pile on my desk that’s about 5 inches deep. I’ve played with the idea of having a blog on my website for a few years now. I've promised myself that I am going to blog regularly.



After I get the website designed. After I have a lot more clients who will subscribe to my list. After I’ve written a few guest posts on other blogs. After I learn everything I can about SEO. After I've mastered writing catchy titles for each article.

Somehow, I got it into my head that everything had to be perfect. At least, I needed all my “ducks in a row.”

After all, I only have one chance to make a first impression. If that’s not a good impression, I’ll never get another chance, and I can’t afford to miss even one person. That missed person would probably be the one contact I needed to really hit it big.

Then I watched an interview with business guru, Seth Godin. I’ve mentioned him before, and have read his blog off and on for a while now. He proposes that as entrepreneurs, we shouldn't wait for an arbitrary right moment. You know how sometimes someone will say something that is exactly what you needed to hear? What he had to say was a game changer for me.


“If you’re waiting for the perfect horse to come around on the carousel, you’ll miss 3,4, 5 or 7 cycles. The other horses are just as good. It’s the same carousel. Just get on the [darn] horse!”

–Seth Godin


If I wait, I won't make a bad impression. I won't make an impression at all! I’m not missing out because I’m not perfect. I’m missing out because I’m not even on the ride!

I've had to learn on the job before, but this is different. This time I’m in business for myself, by myself. And if my blog is judged poorly, it’s actually me that’s being judged.

Do you know what’s scarier for me than being judged poorly?

What’s scarier to me is the thought of looking back on my life and wondering what would have happened if…

So I’m not letting that happen. I’m not perfect, but I have something to share and I’m all in. And I’m inviting you to join me. I don’t know you (yet), but I’m willing to bet that you have something you’d like to be doing that you’re not doing.

Whatever that thing is, why not do it?

We’re all at different development stages with what we want to do, of course. What this blog will talk about is the act of moving forward. About keeping a positive attitude as we move forward. About being grateful for being where we are in the process, wherever that puts us.

This week has eight days.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Someday.

And “Someday” is now.