It Doesn't Cost A Thing, But Has Value Beyond Measure.

Encouragement. So essential. Not like water, I suppose. But close.

A cheering crowd. Now there's some encouragement. Loud. Impossible to mistake. Something to remember. Imagine how an athlete gets pumped up from the crowd, or how a comedian feeds off a laughing audience. That's the kind of thing you tell stories about. This kind of encouragement is big! And often fleeting; gone in a moment.

Think of someone who believes in you, who doesn't give up on you. You can see the sincerity in their eyes, hear the compassion in their voice. They will say, "You've got this! I know you can do this!" And they mean it. That's the encouragement that has the potential to make a substantial difference.

You would think we could all be self-motivated. Once we've had a few successes, we should be able to think back and know that we're capable. But we tend to not trust ourselves. Along with those successes, we've had plenty of failures.

Somehow the likelihood of failure is much easier to believe than the promise of success.

What do you do when there's no one to encourage you? You can't demand encouragement. Even if you did, I wouldn't be the same. But feeling discouraged isn't helpful either. The best thing to do doesn't immediately appear to have anything to do with you.

I would challenge you to find someone who needs encouragement–other than yourself. Become their encourager. Look for and find their truest value, and tell them how you see it. Mean it.

Be the one who says, "I trust you. You can do this. You're the best person for it!"

While in high school, Raiden Carr dealt with depression as well as the heartache of her mother's premature passing.  Her teachers encouraged her to write as an outlet for her pain. Now she has published a book of the poetry: Through The Keyhole. She is already planning a series of books to encourage others who are also struggling. She has found her own unique method of passing on the encouragement that she received. And in the process, she is encouraged again. She sees each book that sells as another chance to help someone else know that they're not alone.

You might be low on encouragement right now. But you don't have to let it defeat you. Find someone else that you can encourage. Look them straight in the eyes when you speak about the possibilities that you see in them. See the gratitude in their eyes as your words sink in.

And allow the encouragement to be reflected right back to you!