Fly Round-Trip. Pack One-Way.

I'm flying out of town for three weeks at the end of summer. I've got one of those economy flights where you can't use the overhead bin. I do get to carry on one bag to fit under the seat in front me.


I'm going to ship ahead most of what I'll need.


I've budgeted for shipping with the money I would have paid to check a bag. I can't ship as much as I would pack in a suitcase. But I don't over-pack this way. I also don't have to wait around at baggage claim when I get there. Traveling is so much less stressful this way.

As I chose what to pack, I noticed that several of my summer clothes would be "done" after this season. It occurred to me to pack using only items that would be "retired" at the end of this season.

After a quick check in my closet I was able to do exactly that. On the trip out, I will pack only these outfits, which I will ship. I will travel carrying only my personal items. I'll also include a lightweight dress to change into, in case of an unexpected layover.


At the end of my trip, I'll donate these items locally and go home with only my one carry-on bag!


If the weather's still warm when I get back, it won't be for long. My newly reduced summer wardrobe will be sufficient until fall.

It's obvious that every trip won't work out this way. But the freedom I'll feel on this trip is very inviting.  I encourage you to think creatively when you're packing to see how much of a minimalist you can be. Even if only for as long as the trip.

This could be a new trend for me — flying round-trip, but only packing for one-way!


I'll be needing things for winter this year. Maybe I need to plan another trip. I'll fly out with only my carry-on, and bring home what I buy when I'm there!