Hanging Clothes Revisited

Last September, I asked you to go to your closet and turn all the hangers around the wrong way. You were going to turn the hanger around only after you'd worn that item.

As promised, this is your reminder that it's time to revisit your hanging clothes to see what you haven't worn this past season. And yes. I did hear you groan just now. It's okay. This doesn't have to be that hard.

It's time to start putting away your winter wardrobe.

Here's the process that works for me.

  1. Start with the clothes you know you want to keep. They're in good shape still, and you've worn them. They fit you, and they fit your lifestyle.
    • Lay these clothes, still on their hanger, out on the bed. Keep shirts together, dresses together, etc.
  2. Look at what's left. Remove the hanger from anything that's not in good condition, or that you don't like anymore. Put these in a donate bag.


At this point, there are two categories left. The things you're not sure about, and the things you haven't worn. Leave on the hanger what you're not sure about for now.


3. It's time to look at the items that you haven't worn this season. Take one hanger at a time. Figure out why it's been so long since you've chosen it.

You're going to keep a very few items that you didn't wear because there wasn't an occasion. These items fit you and have classic styling. You feel great when you do wear them. Lay out these on the bed with your other "keep" items.

4. Decide to let go of any item that doesn't meet these criteria:

  • It should fit. Keep no more than one size larger or smaller than your actual size.
  • Each piece should be in good repair. Styles to keep are current and classic.
  • You must like how you look and feel when you wear it.
  • You have a similar piece that you wear more often. Keep the one you wear.


Finally. You're down to the things you're not sure about. Some you've worn recently, Some you haven't.


You should find it easier to decide on these items now. Use the same criteria as before to determine what to keep. You may make your final decisions based on how much space you have available.


How many articles of clothing you decide to keep is a very personal choice.


If you want to pare down, you might still worry about making a wrong decision to let go. Know this: I have never had a client come back to me saying that they wish they'd kept more things.

It turns out that there's something more valuable. That's the peace of mind that whatever you pull out of the closet to wear will be something that works you!