Help With Moving

Moving. It’s enough work to make you want to run and hide. Endless packing. Sometimes never completely unpacking. Boxes, and stuffing, and tape guns, oh my!

I don’t see it that way.  I look at it as a fresh, new start.

I can get you ready to move with

  • preparing a personalized timeline for your move
  • packing and home staging preparation
  • paring down, as needed
  • follow-up to make sure that details haven’t been missed

And at the new house with

  • furniture placement for the best traffic flow
  • unpacking and put away
  • breaking down boxes and packing materials

Packing early naturally stages a house for sale. As much as possible, you'll avoid disruption to your normal household routine. After all, you still need to live there for the time being. More than that, my packing technique is designed to ease the job of unpacking at your new home.

Here's a look at one of my favorites. It shows a house that's 95% packed and ready to go AND still lived in and being shown for sale! (In case you're wondering, the packed boxes are safely hidden under two clean, white painters tarps in one of the two bays in the garage!)


The packing can go at an easy pace where we meet over time while your house is on the market. Or, if you’re willing to put in long days to knock it out, so am I!  And we can adjust to anything in between – you set the pace.

Imagine waking up in your new home with everything put away where it belongs – it can happen sooner than you think!