How Momentum Begins

Got a big project, but just can't seem to get started on it?

It's easy to get overwhelmed. Here's one way to get un-stuck.

First, write down all the things that you can think of that you need to do to complete the project. Don't worry so much about prioritizing the list at this point. 

Once you've made your list, pick one thing to do immediately.

The only rule is that you need to be able to complete this item before you need to stop working. (If you don't have anything on your list that fits this criterion, then your list is too broad. Take one of your items and break it into smaller pieces.)

Complete this one item. Cross it off the list. Notice that you now have movement on the project. Breathe. You did well to get started!

When you're ready, find the next thing that you can complete in one sitting. Then the next.

At some point, you'll begin to feel like you're making at least some progress. That's the momentum beginning. Now you can prioritize your list and start taking items in a more logical order. Also now that you feel the momentum, you can start working on items that will take more than one sitting.

Momentum begins when you complete the first task. 

And, as a happy coincidence, stress relief begins with momentum.

This may seem oversimplified, well, because it is. But one of the reasons that a project seems too big to even start on, is when we've overcomplicated the thing.

You’ve heard it a million times. Eat your elephant... one bite at a time.

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