Just Start.

“I love mornings. Every day is another chance to get it right.”


There’s an elegance in how simply my friend explained his attitude.

We all know that it’s not possible to get everything right, all the time. Still, it’s key to live with the courage to keep trying, and the confidence to know you can realize your goals. Even though the likelihood of perfection is zero, you can be persistent anyway.

I work from my home office, and I know how easy it is to get distracted, finding other “important” things to do. And sometimes I procrastinate when my confidence is running low. I've gotten pretty good at recognizing my inner procrastinator. At times like this, I’ll wistfully think about how different it was when I was a manager for a large company. The phones were ringing, people would rush around, there were problems to solve. I’ll wonder if I did the right thing when I set out to start my own business.

What I’m finding is that this is very commonplace for both entrepreneurs and managers. For people working to become managers. For homemakers. For parents working outside the home, only to come home to find another job waiting for them. We all procrastinate on tackling the important. Often the reasons why boil down to not having the confidence that we’ll be successful.

What do I do when my confidence is low? Recognize it. Know that it won’t last. And have the courage to start anyway. 

It’s amazing how those first signs of progress, can not only increase my courage but my confidence, as well.

Today is another chance to get it right.  In this year alone, there’ll be 365 chances to get it right.


Just start.