5 Tips For Surviving Moving Day

Here are five of my best tips for surviving moving day!

  1. Unload boxes directly to their destination room. Stage as many as possible in the bottom half of any closet in the room, leaving more open floor space in the room itself. Set the boxes down with the list of contents showing.

  2. When you're done unpacking, you'll have to deal with the boxes. One way to dispose of your boxes is to advertise online to sell or give them away. Another is to give them to a local non-profit like a food bank.

  3. Breakdown boxes and stack in piles (by size) as you empty them. Packing paper is easier to manage if you lay the sheets out flat, rather than crumpling them into balls. Doing this as you unpack gets the boxes out of the way while you continue to unpack. (This is a good job for someone who wants to help, but can't lift full boxes.)

  4. If there are stairs, consider staging boxes at the staircase. Then use a bucket brigade to conserve the energy needed while carrying to a different level.

  5. Avoid traffic jams by splitting into two groups. One group will unload the truck to the house, and the other to bring each of those pieces to the destination room. This way the two groups won't be crossing paths.