Act Now

Here’s a way for you to help yourself and someone who really needs you at the same time. (Don’t just you love it when that happens?)

What have you been putting off? Let’s get it done once and for all – now!

  • Is your closet still jammed with winter things so that your summer outfits have no space?
  • Do you have a room that's so out of control that you can't relax with that new summer novel?
  • Do you feel like you have no time to call your own?

Now is the perfect time to get free of that nagging problem!

Why now? Because I will donate one hour of website design to a deserving non-profit for every four hours scheduled with me by May 31 and completed by June 15.

This organization assists victims of human trafficking by providing the support needed to begin a new life. This group of giving people needs to get the word out about their work. Having a website where they can accept donations will help take it to the next level.

I can build this site for them. But I need your commitment to guarantee I have the resources to support them. So 4 hours of organizing in June for you will provide 1 hour of website design for them.

Want to help, but you don’t live in Maine? This offer is good for phone coaching and website design as well. And for those of you who do live in Maine, please share this offer with your friends. The difference you'll make is not only for yourself, and will have a lasting and far-reaching impact.

Contact me by email to, and let’s make it happen!