Not For Amateurs

A business owner friend of mine had an major problem this week. It was unforeseen and could affect how she would do business going forward.

Her first reaction was disappointment. She acknowledged that she didn’t really know how she was going to figure out the solution. Then she set aside the problem—not to avoid it, but to let it simmer on the back burner (as my mother used to say).

Later on in our conversation, she circled back to the problem. She remembered how a similar business had a different twist to their business plan. and considered whether the same application might work for her.

She said, “This might be our opportunity to rethink how we’re structured. It’s possible that this new way might be better for us.” And so the process of thinking through the pros and cons began.

This no-nonsense approach is one of the reasons she’s a successful entrepreneur. She accepts that problems will come up, and when they do, she fully expects to figure out a solution.

What my friend doesn’t recognize about herself is that she is more than excellent at what she does. She approaches life with courage.

You don’t have to be a business owner to adopt this attitude.

Being human is not for amateurs. Live courageously!