One Thing — Don't Do It Yourself

Back in October, I put out a challenge to get one thing done early that week. Here's another “one thing” challenge.


Find one thing that you can delegate this week. Hard or easy. Personal or work related. It doesn’t matter what your one thing is.


You might hand off a work task to an employee to complete and report back to you with the results. You could teach one of your children to do something around the house to earn an allowance. Hire someone to do something that you would normally do yourself.


Sure, it’s possible that what you’ve delegated won’t be done exactly the same way that you would have done it.


(Keep delegating to them, and they’ll get better at it with practice.)


 But the benefit is that you can use the time you’ve saved to work on something that only you can do.


Just to see what happens.

 What will you delegate?