10 Steps To An Organized Desk, Pt. 2

You've already organized your desktop. Now continue with the last 4 steps - organizing your desk drawers and files.

7. Empty the drawers so that you can see the contents all at once. (You might work on file drawers in one sitting, and all other drawers in another.) Remove any items that you don't use. Toss the trash, and sort the rest into either shred, recycle, or redistribute piles. Look at the items that remain, and decide which drawers will hold which types of items. Consider sorting bins to keep items separate - your desk has no room for a messy junk drawer!

8. Sort files into logical groups, such as BLANK FORMS, REFERENCE, PROJECTS. Label hanging files by each group. Within the group, label a file folder for each individual item or project. Place completed project files and rarely used files in a separate file cabinet or archive box.

9. Scan remaining items for reference materials and other items that you use regularly. Locate these on your desktop or in drawers according to how often you use them.

10. Now that your vital work items have a place, add personal items where they'll make you feel at home in your space. You're going for comfort, not clutter. Consider displaying only some of your personal items. Rotating them periodically to give your workspace a fresh look and feel.Anything remaining is either tossed, or added to the shred, recycle, or redistribute piles. Deal with those piles and you're done!