Packing Smart: How to Get Unpacked, (Relatively) Stress Free and in Record Time

Movers are professionals. They know how to put items in a box so they won't get damaged in transit. They'll mark the boxes with the name of the room the contents came from.

This is all very helpful but not necessarily packing in a way that you can unpack quickly in your new home.

Smart packing involves planning and decision-making. It may take longer to finish the "packing" part. It's the unpacking that will be much faster. This is because you will already know where everything will go. Plus, you haven't wasted time moving anything that you no longer need or want.

If you're determined to have a great move, smart packing is worth the extra effort on the front side every time.

Smart packing is a simple concept, and the process is the same for every item in your home. Here's the concept, broken down into three steps.

  1. Start by placing all like-items together. Put all sheets together by bed size, all winter coats together by owner, all gardening tools separated from mechanic's tools, and so on. It'll be easier to make decisions on what to move if you see all similar items together at the same place and time. An exception is when you've purposely put duplicates in more than one area. You might have scissors in both the kitchen and the office. In this case, pack the duplicate with the room that it will be kept at the new house.

  2. For each item, determine if it's moveworthy - something you need, use or love. Sort out the items that are not.

  3. Determine where each item will be stored in your new house. Judge whether the items you have will fit in this space. If they won't, you'll either have to keep them somewhere else, get creative with better storage options, or pare down to fit the space.

This is the most time consuming part of getting ready to move. Once completed, though, the packing - and unpacking - will go very quickly!