What About Your Moving Boxes?

Here are some ideas on how to manage your moving boxes.

  • Before buying boxes new, check online to see if anyone in your area is giving theirs away for free. Sure, they're used. But enough of the cartons will likely still be in good shape. Buy some inexpensive labels to cover any previous marking. Try Craig's List or Next Door, and ask your friends on Facebook if they know anyone who's recently moved. People are often very motivated to have someone cart these away from their new home. And you can pass yours on the same way!
  • Use as few different carton sizes as possible. This allows for the most efficient staging and loading the moving truck. Three varied sizes of boxes will usually be enough. Some specialty boxes may be needed for items like your TV, or hanging wardrobe.
  • Label your packing boxes with the destination* room, in large letters, on the top and at least one side. 
  • Mark if FRAGILE in large, bold letters, on the top and all four sides.
  • Add an arrow to show the UP side if the box needs to travel in one direction only.
  • Include a short note of the contents, on one side.