What you miss when you're too busy.

It cost me the gas for the one-hour drive and $3 to get in. And for me, this is what heaven must be like.

Pemaquid Point on the rocky shore of Maine. The temperature is in the mid-seventies and the clouds are few and far between. This park has picnic tables, an art museum, and a lighthouse to tour, but not much else. This keeps the traffic light even at the height of the tourist season.

I've turned off my phone. I'm taking a Sabbath Day. And I am grateful that the Creator thought to make this place. This place where the waves pouring over the rocks calms to my busy mind.

I'm a freelancer. Working for myself means no paid vacation for me. And because it's tough to tell when the next job will come, it's tempting to skip a day off. I recognize that it's counter-intuitive, but this respite is part of my business plan. After all, if I burn out, there's no one else to take over.

Sabbath is an interesting concept. It's more than just not working, and it's not about following a set of rules. 

It's about gratitude for what we have, no matter how much or how little.

I am rich, so it's particularly important for me to be grateful. It's not like I became so rich of my own efforts. By the way, I don't have a bank account that proves my wealth. I'm laughing as I write this just thinking about how preposterous that thought is! Sure. Money is important to pay the bills, but I'm not impressed by money. 

I'm impressed with family that loves and cares for each other. I'm impressed by the expressions on the faces of my grandchildren as they discover something new. I'm in awe of the delight I feel when my shoulders are warmed by the sun and then cooled by the breeze. Every day won't be like this. There are plenty of problems to go around.

And tomorrow I will begin the work again, refreshed and clear-headed.

But for today, I have bliss.

And I am grateful.