Pour Water With A Flourish

Odd how such a simple act would capture my attention. Was he was actually trying to impress? Or was it part of his personality to be this charming?

My sister and I were on a road trip that included a stopover in Washington, DC. We found a restaurant that looked very nice with its white linen tablecloths, but not too fancy. We were two casually dressed tourists but didn't want to look be out of place. On our way to our table, we spotted a well-known cabinet member and her entourage tucked away in the back. We decided that with such a patron we were likely to enjoy a lovely meal. We were perusing the menu and chatting about our day when the waiter arrived with a pitcher of water.

He had a broad smile as he welcomed us. Without so much as a pause, as he spoke, he filled our glasses with the grandest of flourishes. He started the stream of water close to the glass, lifted it high as he poured, then finished back down at the rim. Not even a drop of the water spilled.

The gesture was both formal and generous, his smile genuine. And we would never have noticed if he'd simply done his job and poured the water and moved to the next table. But this man, not even our waiter, and made us feel that we were as welcome as that high-ranking cabinet member!

Why would one person make the grand gesture, while the next pours water and moves on?

Can we urge that something special in our own employees?