Got tribbles?

One of the first things I do when I go to a new organizing job is to look for hot spots to resolve. A 'hot spot' is an area where clutter seems to multiply overnight like Tribbles

This is not an exact science. But it helps to look at the space with fresh eyes. The point in this case, is not to change the habits of the people in the space. Rather you're changing the space to accomodate the people, using the most simple of possible solutions.

Here are some examples.

  • You keep the clothes hamper in the bathroom for easy access, but your son's clothes are in a heap on his bedroom floor.

Put a clothes basket right in the middle of the floor where the pile usually sits. Once his clothes start hitting the basket, you can inch it over to a less obtrusive location, but for now, choose your battles! Clothes in the basket = less nagging = happy parent. 

  • Junk mail piles up on the coffee table where you read the mail.

Put a trash can next to the couch where you sit. This seems really obvious, but it's amazing how if your mom didn't keep a trash can in the living room, you might not think about it. It's okay. She won't mind.

  • The front door makes you unhappy because it's always got puppy nose smudges on it.

Put a separate bottle of window cleaner and a microfiber cloth in a bin by the door. When you don't have to detour across the house to retrieve cleaning gear, you're more likely to give the door a quick spritz on your way out.

Sometimes it only takes a simple solution.