Make The Most Of Your Storage Space

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of the storage space in your new home. Planning ahead of your move helps to make the unpacking quicker when you arrive.

  • Start by comparing the storage space you use now, with the storage space you'll have in your new home. You may find that you have to split storage into different areas.

  • As you make a decision to move an item, pack it a storage bin for the space it will go to, not necessarily with the items it's with now. Label each bin for the correct room in the new home, so the movers will get it to the right place. Your goal is to move stored items, already in containers that will fit the new space. Mark the bin as "STORE" and you'll simply put the bin away without having to sort or unpack the container when you get there.

  • As you're packing for a move, open every storage bin that you have. Check each item to make sure that it's moveworthy. Do this by emptying each container. Determine whether to move each item. Re-pack the items you'll keep along with other similar long-term storage items. Repurpose or discard the rest.

  • Storage isn't only plastic bins. Keep a running list of any permanent storage pieces needed for your new home. This might be a bookcase, toy boxes, bathroom organizer, etc. Note the specific size needed. You may be able to re-purpose storage you already have. If you will need a new storage piece, buy it before the move so that you have it when you unpack. (I keep this list on my cell phone, in case I come across a sale.) Before purchasing, know where you'll place each piece and what it will contain.

  • Never buy storage pieces before you've pared down. Your goal is to store what is moveworthy only. You'll have a tendency to keep more than you need if you have an excess of storage containers.

  • You may have a large collection, but only a small space to store it. Start by designating the largest space you're willing to give to the collection. Then pare down, keeping only the best and most valuable items, until the space is filled. Don't overfill the space. This makes the collection difficult to see, use and enjoy. A space that is too small invites damage to valuable pieces. You may find that you want to add to your collection after your designated space is completely full. To add a new piece, you will either have to find a lesser piece to let go of, or move the collection to a larger area.