A Stress Alternative

You know what I like about a toddler's smile?

It's authentic.

A young child smiles at you because they like something about you. They may not even know you, but they've found something to smile about. Something that they haven't thought too much about, more of an instinct really.

And my second favorite thing about a toddler's smile?

It's contagious.

What if we all started finding something to like about the people we encounter, and smiled, even when it's not socially required that we do so? And what if it was contagious?

We're all so busy. There are a lot of overwhelmed people out there. But getting too wrapped up in our own issues isn't helpful.

There is someone who's going to cross your path today who could use a smile. Not for any other reason but that you found something about them to like.

Be authentic.

And be absolutely present in the moment. Just long enough so that this person can catch your smile and give it back to you.

That "being present in the moment" will do you good.