5 Ways To Relieve The Stress Of Packing

Here are five stress reducers you can use when you're packing for a move.

  1. Even if you're an adrenaline junkie who thinks you work better under pressure, avoid pulling an "all-nighter" to finish packing. You won't make good decisions when you're tired. And you're likely to end up moving things that you actually didn't need to move in your hurry to get the packing done.
  2. If you can't make a decision on whether an item is moveworthy, set it aside. Look at it again later, after you've made progress in other areas. Oftentimes, this momentum is the help you need to make a choice.
  3. If you still can't decide, give yourself and break and move it. It's more important to keep your momentum going than it is to agonize over a piece that you can't decide on. Pack this item, and any other questionable pieces, together in a separate box. Label this box with an "open me" date 3 months after your move. If you haven't had to retrieve the item in that much time, it should be easier to decide when you finally open this box.
  4. Even young children should help with packing their things. Find out what will make their new room feel special to them, and have them help to pack those items. Focus the conversation more on the child's vision of the new room, rather on what they'll be leaving behind. This is more than "helping." Being involved helps to calm children. It helps when they have some say in what happens with their things. It gives them assurance that their most special items will be there when you get to your new home.
  5. This next tip is often cited as the most valuable. Give each family member an OPEN ME FIRST box for their most important personal items. I recommend an inexpensive red tote, labeled with the owner's name. This is where they'll pack whatever it is they'll need as soon as they arrive. This will include personal hygiene items and a set of clothes for the day after the move. It might also have homework needed for school or the office. This is a great place to pack special items like a nightlight or teddy bear.