Tomato Plant Therapy

Tomato plant therapy could be a thing.

Living in a city makes it tough for me to have a full vegetable garden. But there are tomato plants in pots on the back deck. It turns out that taking care of them makes me very happy.

Plants are living things that need attention. But this taking care takes very little effort on my part. And tomatoes are not fussy or demanding. All they ask for is good potting soil, regular watering, and a place in the sun. In return, they reward me with much more than the fruit that will be ready for harvest soon.

Photo by Jane Fisher

The act of watering… nurturing… provides stress relief. This is something easy for me to do, doesn't take long, and will save these plants from withering away. After the watering, I take a few moments to sit on the deck to enjoy the air, and calm my brain by, well, not thinking. Sure, my mind wanders to the work of the day. But I call it back to enjoy the water droplets on the leaves as they glisten in the sun. I examine the green tomatoes closely every few days. I don't want to miss it when they start to turn that gorgeous orangey red.

I am so very grateful for these moments.

I find the same kind of satisfaction growing herbs in little pots in the kitchen window. It seems odd, but I also feel this way shopping at a farmer's market. So the nurturing is only part of it.

I find the careful choosing of wonderful fresh food is incredibly satisfying. I love the simplicity of an outdoor setting. This, and the natural goodness of the food, makes me feel like this is how growing food was meant to be.

Simple. Natural. It doesn't get better than that.

So go grow a plant. Teach your children to grow them, too. Be grateful. Life really is good.