What Makes You Different from Everybody Else?

My bank is great at treating each client as if they were their best client. I walk in to make a small transaction, and I walk out feeling like a million bucks! They handle my transaction. They tell me about other available services they think I'd be interested in. But the real thing is that they don't judge me by my appearance or by the balance on my savings account. They treat me with the courtesy they would use for their wealthiest investor. And I wouldn't dream of taking my accounts elsewhere.

What makes you different? There are bigger businesses out there. There are others with more experience than you have. So why would a customer want to deal with you instead of another, less expensive company?

People will place an order with a business and move on. Their only expectation is the intact delivery of their purchase. Make sure your business will deliver, on time and without errors. And when it's not correct, fix the problem. Quickly. Respect that their concerns based on the inconvenience you've caused them.

But to sustain a long-term relationship with a client you need to do all that and more. Figure out what makes you different. Make sure your customers experience whatever that is. If you are creative, create with their specific needs in mind. If you're fast, complete their order sooner than expected. If you claim high quality, provide the extra details that give your product greater value.

What impression do you leave on your customers?