What Was I Thinking?

Whatever possessed me to go back to school?

I'm an experienced professional; starting my own business seemed a natural next step. What was I thinking adding a delay while I spent a year in a training course? Anyone can call themselves a coach if they want to. Why did I need more training - hadn't life already taught me enough?

As it turns out, life hadn't taught me everything I needed to know. (Imagine, that!) Sure, I could go with my instincts when talking with people. But there's a format that trained coaches follow that will make me much more effective.

There are clues to how our brains function, and they're not the same for everyone. I knew that people learned in different ways, but I never understood why. For example, it's the kinesthetic processing modality that makes it easier for me to learn a task by doing it. It's also has something to do with why I can't sit still for very long. Being aware of our strengths helps us function better - as my teacher, Denslow Brown, says, "to create a life that fits." This is the concept that hooked me.

Now I can work with businesses to help increase productivity. I can introduce solid concepts to improve staff effectiveness. Organizing and coaching. I can't imagine one without the other!