Will You Set A New Year's Resolution This Year?

Start by compiling a dream list of improvements you’d like to make. Determine the intended results of the resolutions on your list. Imagine what your life would be like once you've made each change. Will that change really give the results you’re looking to make?

Prioritize your list in the order of what will make the most difference in your life once it’s been completed. The item at the top of the list is your resolution for this year. Choose only one resolution (or two at most) to work on. Don’t risk giving up because you've become overwhelmed by trying to do too much.

Patience doesn't come easy. At times, especially when we’re disappointed with ourselves, we want to fix everything, all at once. Give yourself a fair chance at success. Focus your attention in the area that will have the most positive impact. Give yourself the time to turn these changes into lifelong habits. One resolution at a time.