A professional internet presence isn't only for big business anymore. Entrepreneurs and artists alike are using their websites to get their message out. The problem is that you may not have the time, money or know-how to produce a polished website on your own.

As a solopreneur, I've had to figure out how to solve that very problem. After months of research and development to learn how, my solution is the website you're on right now.

Much of my work is with clients who are creatives. It's quite common for these independents to have too many projects going at the same time. They come to me for help to get things done.

One of these clients liked my site, and wanted one, too. I assure you that building websites isn't anywhere in my original business plan! But finding solutions that work for my clients is a primary mission, so I did it! One site led to another, and now I've discovered that I have a new way to feed my passion for working with clients. And I've found that we all have a bit a 'creative' in us!

One such project was with the talented Amy Neal McClintock of Studio 7 Music. Her site allows visitors to listen to and buy her music for immediate download. The site also has direct links Amazon.com for shipment of her music books.

From Studio 7 Music, I met singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer extraordinaire, Shake Anderson. His fans can listen to and download his music. The site provides a platform to house his extensive catalog of songs he has written.

Another project is for a non-profit called The Garden of Giving. This organization is making a real difference in their Pennsylvania community. The Garden provides fresh eggs and produce for Monroe County's food pantries. This is a very important project, and I can recommend it if you're looking for a good cause to support. We've made it easy to donate with a secure donation page on the site!

All sites offer secure (SSL) payment for your products and services. Analytics are available, showing sales and comprehensive information about visits to your site.

Each of these sites launched within 30 days. This process doesn't have to be difficult. And it won't be if we do this together.