Jane Fisher

You need some space. 

You need some time.

Now would be good.


I can do the work for you.

I can organize your space. I can give your floor plan an easy flow. 

That's fine. I'm a natural organizer, and I'm happy to take care of it for you. You'll be pleased with the results.

You should recognize, though, that my doing the work for you is typically just a quick fix.


Let's work together instead.

My real calling is coaching and teaching. Working side-by-side, I'll show you a different mindset for deciding what belongs. A mindset where you live and work surrounded by what you need, use, or love. Without excess or waste.

This way of thinking tends to seep out into other areas in your life. You'll start to change how you spend your time and how much space you need. You'll notice subtle changes to your buying habits. Other, longer lasting priorities replace "shopping therapy." 

Ultimately, I'm trying to work myself out of a job. You might think that this would be counter-productive. After all, I do have to maintain a client base to remain self-employed. But remember the different mindset? It's not only that the work will be done faster when we work together. More important is that this process can make a positive and permanent difference. 


And that, my friend, is the whole point.


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What Others Are Saying...


nancy elam

founding partner, dESIGN lINK iNTERIORS

Nancy Elam

Nancy Elam

Both over the phone, and face to face, Jane helped me identify what is most important to me, and to create a realistic strategy to achieve in the areas of my life that I wanted to improve. Our weekly sessions have helped me stay focused and on track. Her life coaching skills have made a tremendous impact on my life.

Sioni Rodriguez

Sioni Rodriguez

Jane’s professionalism and her willingness to take the challenge, let me know that she could be trusted with my project. Her talents and gifts played an integral part to the success of my book. Although our relationship started on a business level, it has grown into something special. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Proverbs 27:17

Angela Castillo Hernandez

author, speaker & co-founder, Remodel Marriage Ministries

Angela Castillo Hernandez

Angela Castillo Hernandez

Jane is absolutely amazing!  She is very detailed oriented and treats every project as if her own. Our books, web design and other miscellaneous projects would not be as great as they are without her input and hard work.   She goes the extra mile in making sure that everything looks professional and beautiful. Choose Jane, she will not let you down.