My blogs and the articles on this website are uncopyrighted

I grant full permission to use any of my content on janefisheronline.com, in any way you like. I release my copyright on this content.  

This is official notification that my writing on janefisheronline.com is in the public domain. I waive all claim of copyright in this work. It may be used or altered in any manner without attribution or notice to me. Attribution, of course, is appreciated.

Giving credit

While you are under no obligation to do so, I would appreciate it if you give me credit for any work of mine that you use, and ideally, link back to the original.  Since none of this post (to this point) has been my own content, let me show you an example of this right now...

My Inspiration

Leo Babauta has an uncopyright for his two blogs, Zen Habits and mnmlist.  There he explains in much more detail the reasons why he has chosen to uncopyright his work.  I have taken him at his word, and my uncopyright is unashamedly taken from his.

The uncopyright mindset is that of someone who gives without any guarantee of profit, who lets go of ownership and believes the world owns his creation. He hopes to contribute to the world in a small way, and if others benefit from this contribution, that’s a good thing. And if others use his contribution to create something new and beautiful, that’s a wonderful thing.
— Leo Babauta, mnmlist.com

I highly recommend that you read his posts to get the full explanation. Beyond that you read his blogs for a refreshing take on keeping it simple. I have benefited from his example, and am grateful for it. Thank you, Leo.